Oh Boy iPhone app

Equipment needed to run the app:
  • iPhone™ 4, 5 or 6  |  iPod Touch™  |  iPad™
App Controls:
Main Page
  • "Oh Boy Icon" button will play the saying as often as you like.
  • "Settings" button will flip screen to the settings page.
Flip Side
  • The roll bar lets you scroll thru and pick one of eighteen different sayings.
  • "Listen to Sounds" button allows you to listen to sayings before choosing the default.
  • The saying that is selected on the roll bar becomes the default saying.
  • "Play Sound At Startup" switch lets you decided if the default saying is played at the startup of the app.
  • "Support Web-Site" button takes you to the support page for this app.
  • "Check Out Our Other Apps" button will take you the App Store and show the apps published by Upload Studio Ltd.
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